Sunday, January 15, 2012

Goodbye Tribe Cafe, Hello Tuk Tuk Thai

New signs for Tuk Tuk Thai at the former stomping ground of Tribe Cafe. 
Updated 09/12 - scroll to the bottom. 

Tuk Tuk Thai just opened at the Haiku Cannery (the one at Haiku Road and Kokomo) in the school bus formerly operated by Tribe (which used to be Cafe Prana Nui).

Tuk Tuk means taxi cab in Thai, which is kind of like a school bus. 

Open from 11 am to 7 pm currently, but the days and hours are subject to change as they figure out when to stay open. 

Same seating as at Tribe, with plastic bags filled with water to weigh the umbrellas down.

Pad Thai to go - always a good safe bet when trying a new Thai restaurant. 

Menu at Tuk Tuk Thai
Update: I stopped by again 9/4/12 and talked with Duang. She said it's just her and her sister, Dang. Remember, these are Thai names. 

Their hours are now firm, but flexible: Mon-Sat 11-7 but sometimes they close at 6 pm or 6:45 pm if the food runs out. They make specials and if they sell out, they don't want to hang out. Just like a food truck. On Sundays they are open 11-4 pm but sometimes longer. They also have a phone number, so you can call them to make sure they are there: 808-463-4166.


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