Sunday, September 18, 2011

Daddy Long Legs in the Washing Machine

Even the most ordinary household task can be far from mundane in a Maui Jungalow.  As I opened the washing machine to load some clothes, there was a daddy long legs inside. Just minding its own business.

One never knows where a bug will want to make its home.  I used the machine a couple of days before, and that two day gap was enough time for a spider to move in.
The real question is, how did a spider get into a closed washing machine?  It can't just lift up the top.  I explored around the ring, and to my surprise, discovered that the machine is not completely sealed.  One rule of the Maui Jungalow: If there is a way, bugs will find it.

After trying to scare the spider out of the machine by running some water, and watching it wobble up the wall a few inches, and fall down, I gave up.  Watching it climb up and fall down over and over again was like watching paint dry.  I threw a shirt over it and shook it outside, where it ran away in the grass.  Then a month later, there was a daddy long legs inside the washing machine, maybe even the same one!  People whose washing machines and dryers are inside their houses may not experience this problem.

Perhaps I have been washing spiders all this time, and perhaps these were the two times that I actually looked closely at the inside of the machine as I was loading the clothes.  Maybe I have been the great washer executioner of spiders all along. Shudder.... Anyhow, I've been checking the washing machine a lot lately.


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