Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hello from my Heart Day

Gary Schineller from Florida suggested that 9/11 be “Hello from my heart day” When greeting someone today, don’t just say “Hello,” say, “Hello from my heart.” 

In Hawaii, the word Aloha is a greeting that conveys not just “Hello,” but also “Farewell,” and also love, caring, and kindness. This is a lot like "hello from my heart." When we say someone is “full of aloha,” we also mean that person is full of love and caring.  We also use the phrase, the “sprit of aloha” to mean having a spirit of love, sharing, and giving.  Some bumper stickers on cars will say, “Share the Aloha” or “Give Aloha.” Related expressions include “Spread the Aloha,” “Feel the Aloha” and “Got Aloha?” Along with a "Hello from my heart," here are some pictures that are full of “Aloha.”

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Love and Joy spelled in coral rocks, found on Maui. These words grace a display table at
Pearl Butik in Paia.

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Peace Angel at the Sacred Garden of Maliko in Makawao.

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A prayer flag at the Sacred Garden of Maliko. The Japanese character is the word love.

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An abandoned roadside vehicle decorated by an artist on Hana Highway, in Haiku.

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The same car, with the side facing the highway.
This picture was taken several years ago.

P.S. - At the Sacred Garden of Maliko, there is a full moon labyrinth walk tonight, September 11th, at 7:30 pm till about 9 pm. Facilitator Eve Hogan will also talk about the labyrinth and suggests ways to use the labyrinth for meditation and prayer.


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