Monday, September 5, 2011

New Farmers Market Opened in Haiku, resuming 11/15/11

Update 2/26/12: An aquaponics farmers market is now in this space.  

Update 12/1/12: Haven't seen this farmers market in operation for a very long time. 

Update 12/29/11: I did see a couple of signs for a new farmer's market in the same location, but didn't get a chance to stop. I haven't seen any new signs lately. 

Update 11/22/11: I haven't seen any sign of the new farm stand... so I'm not sure what's going on. Nor have I seen any farmer's markets at the Kmart parking lot. Hmmm....

Update 11/4/11: I found out that the market will reopen on 11/15/11 with a new farmer at the stand. Darlene, who was running the original stand, got her permit and has moved her operation back to Kmart. 

Haiku, Maui - A new farmer's market has opened across the street from Colleen's, just to the side of Haiku Zen Sushi/North Shore Cafe. Just follow the long driveway.  The market opened on Sunday, 9/4/11 and will be open every day from 7am to 4 pm.  It was even open on Labor Day. Technically, it's more of a farm stand... since it's all provided by one seller.

There are plenty of local vegetables and fruits, including green beans, Kula spinach, avocados, cabbage, papayas... all the usual farmer's market offerings.  Plus some mainland offerings like potatoes. Items that are local, have the words "local" or "Kula" written above their prices. Kula is a town further up on the mountain, which provides much of the local agriculture on Maui. Kula is well-known for Maui sweet onions.  Prices here are comparable to other farmer's markets and farm stands around the rest of the island.


  1. OK…is this the first post? NOW I can start reading the Maui Jungalow!

  2. The first ever post? Yes, you've found it. Thanks for stopping by! Also, this market is defunct now. Farmers markets seem to be a moving target on Maui, though the Upcountry Market is still active and so is Makawao Farmers Market, though they moved locations 2? years ago.


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