Wednesday, September 21, 2011

You know you have a really bad case of termites when...

So maybe you have a little termite damage. I mean, who doesn't?  It's an exceptional house that doesn't have any signs of termites.

But, since you're in a jungalow, a little termite damage is often just a short precursor to a whole lot of termite damage. It's just a matter of time... termites don't sleep, do they?

You know you have a really bad infestation of termites when:

1. You're always having to wipe the bottoms of your feet from all the beach sand on the floor (and you don't even go to the beach!) and then realize it's not sand, it's termite droppings.. ugh.

2. You are cooking and ask yourself, "Did I just grind some pepper in that pot?" and really, it could be little termite presents.

3. You can't use the kitchen counter or the stove to prepare food because there are too many droppings falling down and everything has to be constantly covered.
Termite residue on the kitchen table

4. You can't drink from a glass of water that has been left alone for a few minutes without checking it to see if something fell in it.

5. You touch the surface of an overhead beam, and with the lightest pressure, the sides cave in as if they are rippled, and only the paint is holding the outside together. Termites don't eat paint. With a little more pressure, splinters of chewed wood fall down.

Overhead beam with termite damage

6. Your computer keyboard is not working. You are having to shake it out constantly. Eventually, you have to replace the keyboard, or worse yet, the computer. As a stop-gap measure, you tack up a sheet to the ceiling over your desk.

7. You are not even safe as you sleep, since termites as we said, don't sleep. You are thinking of setting up a tent over your bed.

Extreme termite droppings
8. Your roof is leaking more and more every month. The termites are eating the roof so much, that the wood has too many holes, especially along joints and areas where there are nails. There is no wood for the nail to hold on to.

At this point, you really ought to take some action.  The war is on: you vs. termites!


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