Monday, October 31, 2011

Aussie Benedict's Maui Roasted Pumpkin Recipe + Halloween costume tips

Happy Halloween!

While escaping other events going on Maui this weekend, DH and I met Aussie Benedict of Kihei at his very uber-cool yard sale.  He had items like a large Aussie wine cooler bag, unusual hats and trinkets, and decorative plates. While decked out in a very sporting pirate costume, he recited lines from Coleridge's Kubla Khan, which was also available as a framed print.   Beside him were several piles of pumpkins.  DH could not resist trying various accents on Aussie Benedict, including an Aussie accent, a pidgin accent, and a French accent. 

After "talking story" (local lingo for chatting), Aussie wanted to share his cool pumpkin recipe. He was very proud of growing his own Maui pumpkins.

Side Note: It's amazing how many events and happenings take place on this island of about 140,000 residents (source: wikipedia), and maybe 20,000 -30,000 visitors/day. Maui is not a major metropolitan area at the level of Honolulu or Chicago or New York, but there is still plenty to do.

So far, a brief run down of events this past week:
Eckhart Tolle and Ram Dass held two public dialogues and Eckhart is hosting a retreat beginning November 1st.

The Maui Grandmothers, or more precisely, the Pacifica Indigenous Grandmothers Council of Maui held a Demystifying 2012 event this weekend.

Fourth Friday in Paia was packed with people, some in costume, including a friend of mine dressed in a GMO corn outfit.  Also, Paia was not to be excluded from the Occupy movement, and several Occupa'ia protestors walked around and held signs.

There was also a volunteer expo on Saturday for Hands on Maui, and probably tons of other events that I can't even keep up with.

I ended up not going to any of these events except for Fourth Friday, and am still working on altering a Halloween costume for DH.  

Tip: If you buy a Halloween costume, check the size. If you get someone's else's homemade Halloween costume, try it on first.

2nd tip: Test the Halloween costume at least a few days before Halloween, so you'll know if you need to futz with it.

3rd tip: If your Halloween costume needs to be resized, and it was put together with lots of glue from a hot glue gun, then it's possible to take the costume apart using a heat gun or blow dryer. Do this carefully, and avoid burning your fingers or overheating the costume (because it could melt).

Both Lahaina and Pa'ia town are holding public Halloween events. Lahaina is traditionally the larger event, with raunchier costumes. But we've been to the Pa'ia event and it's been a lot of fun and the right level of craziness for us.


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