Saturday, October 22, 2011

Beautiful sunset view from Hali'imaile

The road towards the Haliimaile Community Garden goes past houses and warehouses, then meanders through sugar cane fields, and overlooks Kahului, West Maui, and Kahakuloa. Kahakuloa is this big bumpy rock on the far tip of the island, with many Hawaiian stories of chieftains who jump into the ocean from the rock to test their courage.

Sometimes quail, not chickens, cross the road. Quail are the birds with a q-tip shape on their head. Towards sunset, there are pu'eo sometimes, Hawaiian owls - although I see those more rarely.  Lots of people use this area too: people with dogs, joggers, and the occasional walkers for an evening stroll.

The video clip below shows one particularly nice sunset view overlooking the rest of the island. It's very windy that day and the cane grass and sugar cane are bending in the wind. The cane grass is a tenacious weed that resembles sugar cane. The sugar cane mill can be seen churning smoke towards the left side of the video. It's also a nice clear day - not obscured by vog (volcanic fog).


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