Friday, October 14, 2011

The Best Yard Sale Signs and the Maiden with Feathers in her Hair

Talented local artist Kammy made this great sign.

Whatever you call them - tag sales, moving sales, garage sales, estate sales... on Maui, these sales can happen all year long, unlike in other parts of the country.  The main problem may be rain if you live in Haiku or Huelo... so be prepared to have a tarp handy if you're the one putting on a sale.  Or if you live in Kihei, it can get really hot by midday so most Kihei sales tend to be short.  Of course, there is also wind which can knock over signs and clothing racks, and occasional red dust blowing from sugar cane fields.  

Maui yard sales can have some ordinary items, things that you'll find anywhere, but every now and then, there are exceptional yard sales with unusual local items or a particular Maui ambience.

Kammy's theme yard sale signs.

Yes, keep following these signs.

Now you're here.

The artist himself, posing with one of his signs.

Kammy used a local pidgin phrase, "No Scared" for some additional Maui flavor. Pidgin is a local dialect of Hawaiian, English, Japanese, etc. with some funky grammar rules.

I got to meet Kammy, the talented sign maker, and he said he welcomes commissions. So if you need a sign for your yard sale, he's your man!  He doesn't have a website up yet, but if you'd like to contact him, please click here to email him.  I warned him that he could get some spam.  The yard sale signs were so great, that I had to buy something I didn't really need simply to support the artist's great efforts.  

Another distinctly Maui style yard sale took place outside Paia... Raw food chef and couturier Verda featured feather hair accessories and fashionista outfits.

Raw food chef Verda near her feather accessories.
Notice the ti leaf plants nearby.

Feather accessories and brightly colored exotic clothes.

Verda makes designer raw food chocolates and Paia style bohemian outfits, including altered clothing with raw knit edges. Verda can also do an entire hair style with feathers if you need the additional touch for a special Halloween costume.

So, if you see an interesting yard sale sign, it may be worth stopping. You never know who you'll meet!

By the way: Maui Dharma Center, at 81 Baldwin Avenue in Paia, is holding an annual yard sale tomorrow, 10/15/11 from 8 am to 1 pm.  Since it's the dharma center, there may be some intriguing items. After going to a couple of yard sales tomorrow, check out the big Friends of the Library book sale which is running for three weekends in October.


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