Monday, October 24, 2011

David Bruce Leonard - Wild Edibles at Upcountry Sustainability 10/20/11

Hali’imaile, MauiUpcountry Sustainability sponsored a talk by David Bruce Leonard on wild edible plants at the Hali’imaile Community Center last Thursday, 10/20/11. Despite some confusion (for me at least) as to where the center was located… there were good signs, and it was indeed on Makomako Street on the maka’i side of Hali’imaile Road. It was easy to find because there were tons of cars on the street and in the parking lot.  The auditorium was packed with 40 + people.

David opened the talk with a gathering circle to bless the meeting. Despite the blessing, or maybe because of the blessing, there was one technical difficulty with connecting the computer to the projector, and the computer folk in the audience were able to get it working after 15 minutes or so.

In the meantime, David talked about the wisdom of the body in relation to gathering plants and in our relationship with the earth.  Although I’ve taken a few classes with David, this is the first time I had heard him talk so extensively about the importance of body awareness in general, and in his approach to gathering plants.  He did call his intro a “bait and switch” since he had been planning to start the talk a little differently, but there had been some computer issues.

Once the computer was connected, and the slide show was working, David launched into a quick overview of the various plants, in alphabetical order.  There will be some more video clips available from the talk once I finish uploading them. 

Also, there are two other blog posts on David Bruce Leonard from last week:

In the meantime, I found a series of clips of David posted by Hawaiian Sanctuary on youtube.  Enjoy!


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