Thursday, October 27, 2011

Maui Farmer's Union Meeting 10/25/11 - A Few Notes

Pukalani, Maui - Vincent Mina and his wife Irene grow great sunflower sprouts which are sold all over the island. They are active champions of sustainability and I respect their opinions on food and local agriculture... They host the annual Body and Soil Conference and organize farm tours to Hana and beyond, speak at public gatherings like Upcountry Sustainability, South Maui Sustainability, the Small Business Resource Center, and the Maui Farmer's Union.  I have even faxed the County Council a recommendation letter asking the County to continue funding Vince's nonprofit work.  If Vincent Mina told me that putting some eye of newt on my vegetable crops at midnight on a blue moon would help them to grow better, I would look at him askance and then seriously consider his advice.

The first portion of the meeting turned out to be quite controversial. Out of respect for Vincent and Irene, I emailed them my response to check in with them before posting my entire thoughts... Their reply was that they appreciated what I had to say, and also to please not post anything regarding the first segment of the meeting, nor any of the video clips that I took...

... Harriet Witt did an engaging presentation on the Makahiki, Hawaiian New Year, using the solar system. Suki Bergeron talked about her cooking philosophy. Ryan shared some produce highlights, including an apple orchard in Olinda which will be producing many local apples soon, and has only been producing for two seasons. There was a very worthwhile presentation on compost, which did not get properly saved. But at least the Farmer's Union has it on video somewhere.

I will update this post with more video highlights and commentary.


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