Friday, November 11, 2011

Crazy 11-11-11, APEC, and Maui Rental Cars SOLD OUT

Breaking news!

I was looking for a car rental for a visitor to Maui who had not made a car rental reservation ahead of time. Usually it's no big deal in November.  November is not high tourist season yet.

But due to the APEC Conference on Oahu next week, a huge business summit, all those visitors are flocking to Maui like ants to a picnic - just for the weekend. Plus with 11-11-11, people have been coming to Maui to celebrate by getting married here...

So ALL the major car rental companies are sold out. Thrifty, Dollar, Alamo, Enterprise, Budget, Avis, name it, I called it.

Even smaller "local kine" rental companies are also SOLD OUT, including rent-a-second hand car... or rent-a-truck.

Here's a list of alternative, local rental car companies:
No Ka Oi Car Rentals
Surf Trucks
Maui Cruisers
and Al West Maui Vans.

All sold out, except for a 4-Quad truck which rents for $100/day... But they close at 12 noon on Saturday, so that doesn't help the tourists I'm assisting.

Skip at Surf Trucks even told me that some visitors arrived to the airport, and found out their car reservation was sold out from under them!  So they rented a truck from him to drive to their wedding location on 11-11.

The airport will be crazy, and so will Kahului...


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