Friday, November 18, 2011

Getting the Anole Lizard Out of the House! + 3rd Friday in Makawao

Here I am, standing in the kitchen, and I spot a green anole lizard on the kitchen counter. 

Aha!  I see a lizard!

Ah, this must have been the anole that the cat brought in the house this morning.  She was at the door, and my husband opened it, and of course, she raced in with her captive. Realizing she had something in her mouth, he chased her around the house. She let the lizard go because she wanted to play with it. It hid somewhere and escaped.

The infamous lizard catcher at rest.

Red alert! Anole lizard loose in the house. Unlike geckos, anole lizards are pointier and longer, with long skinny tails, and they normally stay outside. Geckos live inside and outside.

Well, we forget about the incident until later that night.

I did manage to get the anole out of the house, with some fumbling around.  I'm sure it was the same lizard she brought in, since it looked wounded on the side.

Here's a short video clip:

Also, Third Friday is going on tonight in Makawao.  It's the first time that the town has organized "Third Friday" and they plan to make it an ongoing event.  There will be tango dancing outside at 6:30 pm, across from Casanova Restaurant, plus other festivities, although the official Makawao Town website does not mention anything about Third Friday!

Some entertainment:
Tonight at Casanova: 5:30pm, in the parking lot: Upcountry Celtic.
At 6:30pm, in the main stage inside Casanova: The Hula Honeys.
At 7:00pm in the parking lot: the Seabury Hall Blue Grass ensemble.
Starting at 9pm, in the main stage inside: Visibly Shaken, followed by the Kryptones with Lia Live and Dan de Lion.


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