Sunday, November 27, 2011

Greg Hopkins' Worm Composting Demo - Maui Farmer's Union

Warning: Greg does like to use a particular four letter word during his talk. Hint: It begins with the letter S and ends in T.  Greg also explains why he uses this word.  If you are easily offended by swear words, then please don't watch this video. Greg was the last speaker at the Maui Farmer's Union Meeting on 11/22/11 in Pukalani.  This is a free and public meeting, held the last Tuesday each month. For more info,

Greg is a bit unorthodox in his approach to worm composting. He wants to show how easy and cheap it is to create one's own homemade worm composting bucket system. He also explains why he uses food items that are often considered "no-no's" for composting, like dairy, meat, and animal products.


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