Sunday, November 13, 2011

Habit for Humanity ReStore in Wailuku and Donations Accepted

Habitat for Humanity ReStore

In keeping with the environmental theme this week, I'd like to mention a place that often has useful things for homeowners and fix-it-yourself types: Habit for Humanity ReStore.

The store, or "restore" used to be located in Happy Valley in Wailuku, a neighborhood that has a reputation for being tough.  The current location is fairly mellow, and fits in with all the other low-key corrugated warehouses and local "plate lunch" restaurants. 

Warehouse of the Habitat Restore off of Lower Main Street

Sometimes the ReStore has lots of new items that have been donated from a completed construction job.  They have all sorts of nuts, bolts and screws, lamp parts, lighting fixtures, sinks, paint, tiles...

Inside the Habitat ReStore

We took a donation there recently, and discovered they have a new list of items for things they will NOT accept.  Some of these items can be given elsewhere, like Haliimaile Community Garden will often accept used carpet or vinyl or large sheets of plastic to suppress weeds or .  Some used appliances can be donated through Craigslist or Freecycle. We also met Home of Onipa'a Sustainability Center in Huelo and he is open to taking some used tools, even if a part needs to be replaced. As I write this, I think Aloha Shares may also take older appliances, curtains, and other items on the Habitat's "unable to accept list".  The Maui Makers are looking for parts to fix their welder...

Habitat for Humanity Restore list of donation items they cannot accept

On a small island, I like to support recycling as much as possible, so the more places people can take things to be recycled or donated, the better!


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