Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bett's Huelo Style Raw Cranberry Sauce Recipe

Thanksgiving may be the most difficult holiday for non-meat eaters. I'm not a vegetarian but have been in the past, for health reasons and to oppose factory farming.  Anyhow, it's good practice to find out what diet works for you, and sometimes those diets may change over time, as needs change.  Enough said.

I have a friend in Huelo who is a raw food chef. She has a very easy raw cranberry sauce recipe.

Bett's Raw Cranberry Sauce
1 cup raw cranberries, washed
Fresh orange juice, maybe 1/2 cup or so
Sweetener like raw honey or another sweet syrup, or dates soaked in water...

Blend well. Very fast!

There are infinite variations to the recipe. Sometimes I skip the orange juice and cut up a fresh orange and put that in the bottom of the blender, so that the blades are covered, then put the cranberries in last, and then blend.  


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