Thursday, November 3, 2011

Jacked Up Local Style Trucks

This jacked up truck graphic was spotted recently on a mural in Haiku.

Note: Updated 12/10/11

One of the features of the Maui roadscape is the jacked-up, beefed up, lifted local truck. This is a truck on steroids. It's a gas-guzzler. It's a rock crawler. It's usually driven by someone born and raised on Maui.  I don't recall seeing such trucks on Oahu, but if I saw any, I would speculate that the driver is from a more rugged, rural area, like Waianae.  I don't remember any big trucks from living on Kauai for a year, but there are probably some there as well.

Jacked up truck in Kahului.

Since I'm not part of the world of "born and raised on Maui," I can only speculate as to why jacked-up trucks are so desirable... Maybe they're good for pig hunting or driving to one's secret marijuana patch. Maybe they are a testosterone trip.  Maybe they signify being part of the Maui family and being able to go places most people don't.

They are not cheap. The basic jacked-up truck costs at least $5,000 or more, according to DH, who has worked in the car business. DH says that the jacking up of some trucks can cost upwards of $30,000.

Update: I just found out more information on jacked up trucks after talking with an intriguing Maui character who has Buddha statues in his yard but also likes big trucks and motorcycles. But who says Buddhists can't have jacked-up trucks?

1. The jacked up truck lets him go off-roading, and to places otherwise off limits.

2. The real feature is that the truck is raised, and has higher ground clearance. Since the truck is higher off the ground, it also needs bigger tires and more structural support.  In other words, it has to get "beefed up" to "ride high."

3. It also helps when he takes his jet skis to the water. The salt water can't reach the body of his truck, which it can with his newer and nicer truck.

4. His jacked up truck can take some abuse and do things he would never do with his new, normal truck.

This is not the best pic, but look to the right half of the photo - to see a big monster raised truck with HUGE wheels, at the Maui Off Road Center.

Places like the Maui Off Road Center in Kahului specialize in these vehicles.

Haiku style jacked up truck at Toma's Garage.

"Jacked up and proud of it."

The driver of this vehicle was happy to model his truck. He was a proud "Portagee" (meaning of Portuguese descent)  DH said the jacking up of this truck may have cost $25,000+ but it's very likely the driver was a relative of the car specialist.


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