Monday, November 28, 2011

Maui Farmer's Union: Local Venison Update and Food Security Bill

This is the last post regarding the Maui Farmer's Union Meeting on 11-22-11.

Lokahi Sylva announced that local venison should be available for retail purchase by next spring.


Bill Greenleaf spoke about the food security bill the Maui Farmer's Union has been drafting.  The language of the bill can support local agriculture and assist farmers or it can impose the burden of responsibility for food security/safety on local farmers. The proposed language is available at  Bill also mentions KanuHawaii, FACE Maui and foreclosure legislation.

Glenn Martinez, president of the Hawaii Farmer's Union, the statewide organization, also shared a legislative report. He said that 300 members appears to be the magic number for legislators to notice.  He questioned the state's plan to boost the economy by increasing the population by 300,000 people/year. Glenn also thanked FACE Maui for their support in numbers.


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