Saturday, November 12, 2011

My Favorite Recycling Place + Free Magazines

Another place besides the MFOL bookstore to get free magazines.

Although there is a recycling center (aka redemption centers) close to where I live, my favorite recycling center is in Kahului near the Harbor.  Even though it means that bottles and cans are rattling in my car down the highway, I'd rather add another errand in town rather than go to the recycling center in my neighborhood.

Aloha Glass Recycling aka Aloha Recycling is friendly and well-staffed, and the recycling is super-quick. Also, the hours are much better than at the local recycling center, and they are not closed for lunch.  Too often, I have loaded the car with recyclables and driven to the official redemption center, only to find out that I arrived just past 1 pm and it's closed.  Even if it's 12:57 pm.

Aloha Glass Recycling in Kahului, across from Cash n' Carry.

All the official Maui County redemption centers have the same schedule. They are all closed from 1-2 pm and only open from Wednesday through Sunday.  So if you want to redeem your recycling on Monday or Tuesday, you're out of luck. It'd be great for centers within a few miles of each other to have staggered schedules, but would be too convenient. Yes, I can still drop off cardboard, plastic, tin cans, and newspaper 24/7, just not redeem any HI5 beverage containers.

The county sponsored redemption centers are often slow. Sometimes there are only 2 people working at a time, and that means waiting for everyone to "talk story" and say hi to everyone else and empty out the glass bottles and cans in a Maui time kind of way, not in any particular rush.  Maybe I could learn to meditate while waiting but it's so much more enjoyable to take everything down to Kahului.  On the other hand, I really do appreciate that Maui has any recycling centers, compared to many other places on the mainland.

Got glass bottles?

Aloha Glass Recycling recycles much more than glass!  They recycle all the usual things: newspapers, cardboard, plastic bottles, glass, aluminum, tin cans AND they also recycle office paper and magazines and catalogs. 

They recycle more kinds of paper than the official redemption centers.

The staff is super fast, because there are plenty of people to help out, and so you're not waiting for the person in front of you to finish yakking with the recycling guy, and there are sometimes very cool magazines and catalogs in the magazine container. 

Magazines - collage heaven

These are free, and the staff doesn't mind if you put your hand in there and fish around. Sometimes there are recent issues of speciality magazines, and other times mostly outdated tourist brochures. Usually, I take my used magazines to the Maui Friends of the Library bookstore, but if I've torn pages out of the magazines, I will take them here. As a collage maker, I tend to rip apart magazines, but most people leave them perfectly intact.  

Another thing I just remembered - often the staff will help unload the recyclables out of your car. This kind of service never happens at the official county redemption centers. So, I often leave a tip. Anyhow, going to Aloha Recycling to recycle makes recycling more fun, especially if find a good magazine that day.


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