Monday, November 21, 2011

Shovel Headed Worm, Weird Red Fungi and other Garden Distractions

Note: Updated 12/8/11: I found the name of the weird red fungi: It's a mutinus elegans or mutinus caninus...or mutinus something or other.

There are plenty of things to distract me at my garden plot at Haliimaile Community Garden. Not just weeds, although there are usually plenty of those, but also random other plants and animals.

For lack of a better name, I call this fellow a "shovel headed worm" because his or her? head is flat and shovel shaped. I have only seen these worms here, not around my house. They are very long and flat and striped.  
Ok, found out they are broadhead planarians, aka hammerhead worms, genus Bipalium

Brown snails, unknown species. Do snails travel in pairs?
A shriveled up weird red fungi...with little white "roots."
Another weird red fungi... hmmm...
so who are you and what do you want?

Aha! We found the name of the weird red fungi. It is in the stinkhorn family*... It has a slimy top, kind of phallic shaped. The slime attracts bugs which then spread the spores around. There are white oval "egg shapes" in the ground from which it develops. I will probably do another blog post on it with more pics.

A curled up, sleeping millipede.
Let sleeping millipedes sleep unless they're in your way.
Sometimes these millipedes are so sleepy, that even if I pick them up (with a shovel or thick-gloved hand), and move them, they still don't wake up!  Correction from earlier: this is not a centipede.

Now for plant distractions...

Asparagus keikis (baby asparagus that volunteered from seeds that blew to the far side of my garden plot from the asparagus section.  That Maui wind sure does blow things around.)

Acerola cherry blooming.

Turmeric flowers in bloom.

Now for some technical glitches: (Not sure why the asparagus below is posting up twice... somehow the two photos are linked. Learning HTML will be next on my list - maybe next year : )

That's it for today!  Every time I try to add another photo, this site gets glitchy.  I even have a little error message in the lower left corner of this window. Erg. 

Kuo, M. (2006, September). Mutinus elegans, Mutinus caninus, & Mutinus ravenelii. Retrieved from the MushroomExpert.Com Web site:



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