Saturday, November 19, 2011

Third Friday in Makawao

I've never seen Makawao so busy at night.  Parking was hard to come by, and the police were ticketing cars that were parked on the sidewalk along Baldwin Avenue.  At least eight cars parked illegally, so the county made some money last night. Even Komoda's, Maui's famous cream puff bakery, was open late! From 5 - 8 pm. The stores on Baldwin Avenue made a pretty picture decked out in white Christmas lights.

Some of the Third Friday offerings included: free 30-minute coaching sessions by Lehuahana Vander Velde, demos of Pilates equipment at ON CORE Studio, face painting, and balloon animals, and several performers scattered throughout the town. Galleries and stores were open late, and people thronged the sidewalks. We met artist Jordanne at her gallery but forgot to check out Piero Resta's upstairs studio. We also stopped by the Makawao Steak House and "talked story" with the Maui Happy Hour Club.

Third Friday was definitely a successful night. Unlike Paia, Makawao has fewer restaurants, and more parking lot nooks and courtyard areas. There was entertainment in the farmer's market area as well as in the parking lot at Maui Hands, the parking lot in front of the acupuncture clinic, and in the courtyard/parking area for Paragon Salon.  In addition, I think Casanova had an entertainer inside plus I  heard a few other musicians on the street. All of these entertainers were happening at the same time.

I just uploaded this recent video, a compilation of different street scenes last night:


  1. I wish I had spent more time out on the street so I could see all of these things, but our plans was just to get to the MHHC and so we walked past everything. I've never seen so many people in Makawao, and the parking was poorly done. Hopefully they really will design it a bit better next time. They responded to a tweet of mine saying they would.

  2. Yes, the parking was a panic. Another friend said it would have been faster to walk from Pukalani!


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