Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wry Remarks on New Age Emails and 11-11-11 Event

Don't read this if you are highly sensitive and easily offended!

As mentioned in previous posts, there are always workshops, events, retreats, and festivals for all the spiritual seekers on Maui. I'm reminded of a remark made by one of the teachers who visits Maui on a regular basis.  To roughly paraphrase what I remember: "On Maui, it's easy to fall in love with a spiritual teacher, and then become infatuated with another spiritual teacher, and then another one... But there is value in just picking one spiritual teacher and sticking to him/her for a while."  At least that's how I interpreted Eli Jackson Bear's comments.

Since the end of the world hasn't happened, even though there were some predictions of it happening last month, one might as well celebrate with the Maui New Age tribe, if you lean that way. There is a Maui Spiritual Congress meeting all day on, you guessed it, 11-11-11.  If you want to know more about 11-11, for whatever it's worth, here's an 11-11 link that a friend sent.

Maui Film Festival is also organizing the Maui premiere for Thrive, a documentary exploring science, consciousness, and activism at the MACC at 7 pm, followed by a dance party. Another good option for 11-11. It's also a fundraiser for Tedx Maui.

Also, if you can't help yourself and want to get lots of emails about spiritual and $piritual events, of which both are in abundance on this island, then there are plenty of options:

Join the Ed Elkin (aka Jor-el) email list
Join the Haiku Helen email list
Join the Global Media Productions email list
Join the Studio Maui email list
Join the Mandala Ethnic Arts email list
Join the Friends of Osho email list (not listed here since it's a 1-person volunteer who does this, but ask around when you're on Maui and you will find it)
Join the Temple of Peace email list
Join the Joan of Ulupalakua email list (not listed here, but ask around)
Read Maui Vision Magazine
Hang out at Mana Foods in Paia and read the bulletin board outside and the flyers inside
Go to Unity Church service in Wailuku

There may be more email lists and websites that I don't know off the top of my head, but this is a good start.

WARNING: If you join all these email lists and groups, you will get multiple emails of the same events.

As a side bonus, you will get lots of information about other community events, besides what you can find on craigslist.

There is so much spirituality that we all ought to be floating. Maybe some of us are levitating, but I guess my DNA is too dense or I haven't cleared all my chakras enough to see anyone float.  

Two remarks:

1. One person's spiritual treasure is another person's spiritual garbage, and vice versa.

2. Where there is spiritual stuff, there is also $piritual bull$h--.  Up to you to determine what is true for you.  It is sometimes wise to wait before forking out lots of dough.

There is a satiric spiritual writer named Ram Tzu, who is not often quoted on Maui and who is sadly, not available at the library.  I think he's really funny:

"You believe in your own power.
You consider yourself
The Source....
You are convinced that if
You can but manage...

Your mind
Your money
Your time
Your breath
Your energy
Your... [fill in the blank]

You will unlock the door
To happiness, peace and contentment.

Guess again."

In the spirit of Ram Tzu, I wish everyone a lovely 11-11, and 11-12, and 11-13....May your pores and pore-tals be opened.


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