Friday, December 30, 2011

Fireworks on Sale - Gearing up for New Year's Eve

Fireworks on sale, locals go crazy buying them. 

It's the time of the year when the supermarkets, yes, even the supermarkets start selling fireworks, and advertising prices in their newspaper fliers. 

Apparently Oahu has banned specialty fireworks, but Maui has not and sales of Maui fireworks are up.

Those fireworks makers must have our number:
this one is even called Hawaiian Jumping Jack.

DH and I stopped at Long's Drugstore (now part of CVS) the other night, and I was surprised by how many fireworks they had on sale. At least one full aisle, both sides of it, and a display in the middle of the store, where Longs has their sale items.

2 full aisles of fireworks for sale. 

Choke fireworks (local lingo for "lots")

Maui is not as fireworks crazy as the Oahu that I remember growing up. Driving back on the way from Aloha Tower to central Oahu, the highway was invisible, because there was so much smoke in the air from all the fireworks. It was like driving through a can of vaporized cream of mushroom soup.  Everything was white, soft, and milky. The stretch through Pearl City was especially bad.  The next morning, shreds of bright red paper littered the ground, from all the fireworks wrappers, like rose petals lining the sidewalks and driveways.  Maui so far is not that smoky - we don't have that kind of population density, but it will be pretty busy and noisy. Happy New Year!


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