Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hui Holidays 2011

An avant-garde holiday display designed by AndrĂ© Morrisette
for the Hui No'eau Arts Center.

When I first moved to Maui several years ago, the only thing that made me feel remotely Christmas-y or holiday-spirited was the Christmas House at the Hui No'eau. I suspect much of my lack of good cheer had to do with not having family on this island and feeling like a social dweeb. I volunteered for Christmas House in early December and felt like my inner scrooge was almost transmuted into a jovial inner elf. Back in those days, the Hui No'eau called their annual holiday sale "Christmas House." There were bustling volunteers, shoppers, wreaths galore, upbeat holiday music, and many handmade items and fine art objects for sale.  I felt useful and needed. 

Most years, I do try to volunteer for the Hui's December display, but this holiday season has been more challenging than most.   Back in November, I was hopeful that I would get to help with setting up the "recycled holiday" display.  I did manage to go through some household items to see if I had any objects that could be used in their display.  The list of suggested items included surfboards, hard suitcases, chests, boxes, picture frames, beads, silk flowers, vases, and fabrics to be "repurposed" into holiday goodness.   I dutifully dragged my small box of donations to the front desk at the Hui, and then dragged my feet some more getting around to visiting the finished holiday display.  Between errands and this and that, every time I stopped by they were closed. 

The display is definitely intriguing and artsy. I looked around to see if I could recognize any of my previously owned items stuck in a corner somewhere, or on the horse's derriere. Nope. Maybe they all got taken to the trash. Art and trash are both in the eye of the beholder.

A sculptural paper costume display 

There was a red display in the main room centered around a carousel horse.

There's a video version too, which puts the display in perspective:


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