Monday, December 12, 2011

The Joy of Wet, Soggy Days and No Internet

A soggy bird on a soggy Haiku day.

Noah would have had a field day. A good rain that lasted all day yesterday, with intermittent pauses.

More soggy bird.

Maybe Kihei was not wet, but Haiku was soggy and drenched all Sunday.  For those of you considering how lovely it is upcountry, it can be rainy and icky too. At least there were no mosquitoes. (That comes later, a day or two after the rain stops.)

Saturday was not much better, with some rain in Huelo, a brief bit of sunshine, and we got muddy feet taking donations to Onipa'a Sustainability Center in Huelo.  At Hali'imaile at the community garden potluck, L Maui Gardener had stretched a big tarp across the bamboo circle and the wind was whipping it up and down. It was overcast and cold. Makawao and Pukalani were also wet. We stopped at the new Maui Hands store in Makawao and talked about rain on Maui, and rain in Seattle.

Our soggy driveway with erosion from the rain.

The internet also went down all over Maui yesterday, a little after 1 pm. I checked it a few times and gave up around 11 pm.

Oh, wait, this post is about the "joy" of wet, soggy days.  Right...I'm joyful for:

1. No need to take a shower, the rain will do it for you.
2. No mosquitoes.
3. It's very joyful if you're inside and there are no leaks in your jungalow.  Last year, around this time, we had pots and pans all over the place, before our roof got fixed this spring.
4. The roof of the deck is not leaking.
5. New driveway as of late last year, and the gravel holds in place so it's not a huge mudpit.
6. I no longer have muddy toes going to the washing machine outside and back since there is a new driveway.
7. Recalling a friend's comments about rain, "Oh your rain is nice here. It's warm." She is from Oregon.
8. Rain makes me think of writing and reading and curling up with warm kitty cats.  

This is one of my favorite passages about rain, taken from The Book of the Dun Cow:

Nothing whatever was solid in such a rain: The earth was slippery, water driveled everywhere, the sky merely dripped, and every standing thing lay down to weep. Plot, plottery, plot, plot: The rain fell into the puddles all around him, spinning out foolish circles. Nonsense! Ha and nonsense! Chauntecleer hated the drear rain, and he would have attacked a puddle if it would have done any good. But it wouldn't have-and so he was grumpy. His soul itself was damp.

Speaking of kitty cats, if anyone needs a cat fix, here is a clip of our cat purring. It's not eventful, but is comforting, especially in icky weather.


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