Saturday, December 17, 2011

Quirky Art and Lanakila's Mural at Kuau Mart


The boarded up front entrance of Kuau Mart
with matching stand up paddlers on either side.

Art abounds on Maui, sometimes in common places but in unexpected ways. Kuau Mart closed earlier this year, but the building and parking lot are still intact, so far.  Looking closely at the front of the former store, I discovered this creation:

Stand up paddler with floaties - someone has a sense of humor.

I also wanted to record the mural that artist Lanakila Kelliher painted on the outside wall.  This mural is fairly recent - I think it was only painted this year or late last year, and replaced a much rougher black and white shark mural.

Lanakila Kelliher's mural, left side.

Lanakila Kelliher is the same artist who painted a large mural inside Whole Foods Market, which also opened up this year.  Gone is Kuau Mart,  but the mural is still here, at least for now. Some places that I've intended to photograph this year have suddenly disappeared or changed, so I don't want to take anything for granted.


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