Monday, December 26, 2011

Recycled Christmas Card Star Ornaments

Recycled Christmas Card 5-Pointed Star Ornament

If you are feeling craftsy and have lots of Christmas cards from the holidays, this is a very easy project to do. I am not doing a detailed instructional how-to post, although may consider updating this later. 

First, cut out a template for a 5 pointed star.  Then cut out two stars from two different Christmas cards. It helps to make tabs for the stars so the edges can overlap. 

Glue the edges together. Don't get too crazy about matching the edges perfectly. Glue a cord at the top before gluing the second half of the ornament. Then glue glitter on the edges. The glitter can also hide any extra glue on the edges or mismatched edges. It's a fun project, but it makes a big mess - because glitter gets everywhere!

The edges don't match perfectly,
but once the glitter is on, nobody will care. 


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