Thursday, December 29, 2011

Redneck Upcountry Christmas Tree

A Norfolk pine Christmas tree replete with beer bottles and thingamabobs. 
Yes, I know Christmas is over. I also have just managed to get back to the Hali'imale Community Garden yesterday, after weeks of rain in Ha'iku. On the way to the garden, I saw this Norfolk pine outside of Dingking, and burst out laughing.  It's decorated in the redneck style, with mysterious car or electronic parts, and plenty of beer bottles. It even has a Home Depot bucket. Classic. 

By the way, Norfolk pines do grow on Maui and the other Hawaiian islands.  They can be decorated as Christmas trees or grown in pots as living Christmas trees and then planted outside. I did have a Norfolk pine Christmas tree one December, about 10 years ago on Kauai.  All the regular imported Christmas trees were sold out by the second week of December. So we got a local Christmas tree. Norfolk pines just aren't my first choice.  They look pretty growing outside but look like Charlie Brown Christmas trees once they're brought inside and decorated. On the plus side, they are environmentally friendly, inexpensive, and you can even grow them yourself.  

Next year, maybe DH and I will splurge for a Maui grown Christmas tree.  It would be far more sustainable and environmentally conscious.  Kula Botanical Gardens has a Christmas tree sale every December, with locally grown Monterey pines. 


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