Monday, December 5, 2011

Sunday Morning Birds and Traffic at the Top of Maliko Gulch

I was going to post something about persimmons, but am still looking for that one other persimmon photo - ah... and then a friend shared some great gardening tips, but I wanted to include some pics with that too. 

So... instead here is this morning on Kaluanui Road, at the top of Maliko Gulch, and surprisingly, there was a ton of traffic. I was so enthralled by the sound of all the birds, along the road, close to Eve Hogan's Sacred Garden of Maliko, that my idea was to record some of the bird sounds along with the fantastic foliage. I don't want to take it for granted, since it may not always be there. But every time I started to record, along came another car, then another. When one side stopped, the other side brought cars... and then bicyclists.  So I was surprised by how busy it was. I gave up... maybe one day I'll go out there super early and record bird calls, but this video shows what is... bird sounds, cars... more cars... Maybe it's because we're entering high tourist season?  Or maybe Maui is just getting more populated?


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