Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chinese New Year's Celebrations at Longs Drugs in Kula

Children giving the lion a red envelope.

Just happened to be in Kula at Longs Pharmacy to pick up a prescription last Thursday, and there was a Chinese New Year's Celebration just starting. What auspicious timing!  I also ran into a friend who had moved back to Maui. Her husband is the chef/owner of Da Puerto Rican Food Truck.  It's a small world.  

I have no idea what is in the red envelopes, good wishes, chocolate coins, or something else? All the school children there gave the lion dancers red envelopes at the end of the performance. 

There were some other performances before the lion dance finale. 

The lions made a big mess too, tearing up the cabbage at the end of the dance - but that's considered good luck. Lucky lions probably don't have to clean up after themselves!  Maybe it's a feline thing - our cat also leaves a trail of bird, rat and lizard pieces on the deck.  


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