Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hawaiian Yams at the Makawao Farmer's Market

Hawaiian Yams at the Makawao Farmer's Market

I don't know if Hawaiian yams are seasonal or not, but I visit different farmer's markets throughout the year, and have only started seeing Hawaiian yams about a month or so ago. The ones in this picture are fairly small compared to some of the huge yams I've seen at the Kahului Farmers Market at the Queen Ka'ahumanu Shopping Center (open Tues, Wed, and Fri from about 7or 8 am to 4 pm).

Mea runs a stand at the Makawao Farmers Market (open Wed and Sat. from 10am to 2 pm) and sells these Hawaiian yams, among some hand carved wooden items. 

UPDATE 3/26/13: The Original Makawao Farmers Market has moved now to Po'okela Church on Olinda Road. It's Wednesdays only, 10 am to 2 pm. 

Carved wood with maile lei and other Hawaiian designs.
Cinnamon leaves next to the Hawaiian yams!

Mea invited me to chew on some fresh cinnamon leaves, which had an amazing flavor. She says her mother adds these leaves to stews and soups. 

I ended up buying one yam just to try it out. It was more fleshy and had a different taste from the orange yams sold around Thanksgiving, and it's also different from the sweet potatoes commonly available here. I guess I would say it's more starchy and slightly fibrous. 
Yam roasted at home. Kind of fibrous inside, and the skin peels off in layers. 

Note: It's been a crazy week with a family emergency off-island and so my blogging will be erratic through the rest of this month. I find the blogging relaxing though, since it takes my mind off from more serious matters. 


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