Thursday, January 12, 2012

Home Gardening Support Network Class Schedule

Carrots in South Maui, courtesy of Lloyd's Naturals.

The Home Gardening Support Network, founded last year by Anne Gachuhi, is starting classes again.   Anne teaches organic and sustainable gardening methods. Her classes are located around the island, in Kahului, Lahaina, Kihei, and Makawao. There's no excuse that classes are too far to attend - unless you live in Hana!

The January 2012 gardening classes will be conducted on the dates below and at  the following locations: 

Sunday,  January 15 -  Container Gardening  -Whole Foods, Kahului (Free!)   -3:00-4:00 p.m

Tuesday,  January 17 – All About Tomatoes– Kihei Community Center at  5:30 p.m-7:30 p.m 

Wednesday,  January 18- Garden Bugs-  Major Pests of Vegetables –Lahaina Civic Center -2.00-4:00 p.m

Monday,  January 23 -  Pests Identification and Control –Sacred Garden, Makawao   -3:30-5:30 p.m

Tuesday,  January 24 – Pruning Made Easy– Kihei Community Center at  5:30 p.m-7:30 p.m 

Wednesday,  January 25- Major Diseases of Vegetables –Lahaina Civic Center -2.00-4:00 p.m

Wednesday,  January 31- Growing Avocadoes, Oranges and Bananas –UH  EdVenture-9.30 a.m -11:30 a.m

 $15 per session. 

Sign up for 3 classes and pay only $40.  Bring someone with you and you pay only $10.

To register, email: Anne Gachuhi at or  call (808)-446-2361  

Visit Anne's website for more details and for a schedule of all classes:

More classes through April 2012 are listed in the following brochures:

2012 Gardening Brochure- Sacred Garden

2012 Gardening Classes_at the Lahaina Civic Center

2012 Gardening Classes at Kihei Community Center


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