Friday, January 13, 2012

Leoda's Pie Shop in Olowalu

A night shot at Leoda's. 

The full name is Leoda's Kitchen and Pie Shop, but that's a long name. It used to be Chez Paul, but the building was taken over by the same folks who run Old Lahaina Lu'au and a couple of other restaurants on Maui. The restaurant is named after one of the owners' moms, a real person named Leoda. 

Hand pies and hand held pies in the bakery case. 

Leoda's has been getting rave reviews among foodies on Maui.  Hours are daily 10 am to 8 pm.  It's a farm fresh, down home kind of place with meat pies, sweet pies, and several varieties of bread. : )

Fresh baked bread at Leoda's. 

Not just a pie shop, Leoda's offers salads and sandwiches too and comfort foods like mac 'n cheese. 

I did try an ahi sandwich, which was ono (delish) and the fried Brussels sprouts salad which was highly recommended in a review by Maui Time... 

Ahi sandwich on bread baked at Leoda's. 

The salad was amazingly good for the first few bites, but I found it too greasy after that... So, yes, loved it, but I would need 4x as many salad greens and 1/10th the amount of fried Brussels sprouts if I did it again. Later on, I found out that a fried salad is based on a classic French dish, called frisée aux lardons.

Yummy Brussels sprouts salad at Leoda's,
but my tummy was too delicate that night.  

Decor is quaint and homey. I loved the painted boards on the side walls. 

Farmstead chic with weathered boards. 

Leoda's supports local farms which supply produce for their pies, salads, and sandwiches. 

List of local farms near the coffee. 

I'd love to stop by again, this time during the day, when there are more pies available!

(Finally updated 10/12/12.)


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