Sunday, January 8, 2012

Local Style Hitchhikers and Flowers in the Hair

Long before there were public buses on Maui, there were hitchhikers. Even with the public bus system, hitchhikers are still pretty common on Maui since the buses don't run that often and don't go everywhere.

Hitchhikers are a common sight on Maui.
This one is probably a local wearing an aloha shirt,
maybe even going to work. 

There are many kinds of hitchhikers - scruffy bearded types, jocks with surfboards, hippies or wanna-be hippies, campers on a budget, and ordinary folks who just don't have a car.  

Depending on how much stuff is in our car and what we're doing, DH and I will pick up hitchhikers. I don't recommend that people do this of course, but we've often had some interesting conversations this way. Many times, we've picked up Jeffrey, who is pretty well-known for hitchhiking with duffle bags of books.

Recently, we picked up a young couple going to Wailuku.  Ashley was very friendly and had grown up on Maui. Her boyfriend was from the mainland and she was showing him around the island. What made Ashley distinctive for me was that she was wearing a flower in her hair. 

A flower in the hair - a rare sight
(outside of a resort area) on Maui these days. 

Ashley's flower was very distinctive.  At first I thought it was one of those flower hair pieces, but it turns out it's a plumeria with a red flower embedded in it. I can't remember the name of this flower. Ashley likes to combine flowers together to create new looks. 

By the way, in flower lingo:
Flower on the left side of the face: I'm taken.
Flower on the right side of the face: I'm available.
(Just like with rings on the left or right hand.)

And DH's additional version: 
Flower on the back of the head: Quick!  Follow me home.  

That made all of us laugh. 


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