Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's at Casanova with the Kit Kat Club Cabaret

The quintessential upcountry New Year's Eve experience is at Casanova in Makawao.  It's a scene... singles, mingles, sleek dresses and pantsuits, varying amounts of bare skin, bartenders with big feathery earrings, a light show on the big screen by Gabriel Mott Colors, strobe lighting, and at 7 pm, there were plenty of empty tables, which were all reserved by other people arriving later. Because we didn't make reservations, we showed up early to get seated at the bar and make the bartenders crazy. Pizza, appetizers, beer... Very typical New Year's Eve fare at Casanova. I didn't drink, I was the designated driver. 

Last year we stayed at home and it was lovely and quiet. Another year, we went to Studio Maui for a new age New Year's. We've also done New Year's at the Temple of Peace and at Blue Mountain's. Despite an invitation to do a kirtan New Year's Eve (with lots of beautiful Sanskrit om shanti shanti kind of singing) this was a good year to celebrate in a more raucous, and typical way. What better place than Casanova or Charley's or even the Stop Watch? We didn't want to drive too far, and of the three places, Casanova is the classiest.  At least in overall ambience, although there were plenty of less classy moments... DH observed a tall guy holding up a camera and taking a pic from above of a woman's cleavage.  It was a great place to people watch. 

Advice: If you want a table, then make the reservations at least two days in advance. Otherwise, take your chances and try to get a bar seat, or stand up, mingle and dance all night. 

There were a couple of singers, but the main entertainment draw was the Kit Kat Club Cabaret. If you need a burlesque fix, that's where to get it. Lots of skin, but nothing illegal. 

Hula Hoop performance:

Kit Kat 1st Burlesque Act of the Night (there's two more publicly posted on youtube):

I made a serious mistake of eating a piece of chocolate pie at 10 pm. I felt really horrible around 3 am... I guess the combination of chocolate, sugar and gluten that late at night doesn't really agree with me, even if I didn't overeat at dinner.  SO... nothing like a good physical reminder of my limitations. 

Ah, Happy New Year!


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