Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Upcountry Plumeria Trees Losing Leaves

Plumeria tree losing leaves and becoming dormant for the winter.

Some trees in Hawaii do lose their leaves for the winter, just like maple or oak trees in Vermont.  Plumeria trees, whose flowers are used in leis, are like wanna-be maple trees. They don't change color, but if they are somewhere cold (cold being a somewhat relative term on Maui), they can protest the "cold weather" by losing all their leaves and pouting themselves into hibernation. They stop flowering and look like sticks of coral. 

Plumeria blossoms reaching for the last sunshine before "winter."

In the spring, they will awaken, bud new leaves, and start flowering. They are like prima donnas who need perfectly warm weather to perform.

Where is it "cold" on Maui?
Haiku, Makawao, Pukalani, Kula, etc. Anywhere above sea level. 

Even trees in Paia, where it's rainier and cooler than Kihei may lose some leaves. The trees in Kihei, Lahaina and other dry, sea level areas will keep their glossy leaves and fragrant blossoms. This is especially important since tourists arriving at hotels want to be greeted by lush greenery, not skeleton trees.

A gloriously blooming plumeria tree. 

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  1. This winter (2015) the trees lost there leaves but when it warmed up the flowers came out, but no leaves in most cases. The flowers are beautiful but they look naked


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