Friday, January 6, 2012

Voggy Daze of January

On days with vog (volcanic fog), the view is hazy.
This photo is of the view of Ulupalakua  from  the South Shore.

Although Maui is very scenic, on some days, Maui looks like a suburb of LA. I think that's why people from LA are so comfortable here - it reminds them of home. Can barely see the mountains. 

Between the vog - the volcanic fog that comes over from the Big Island when the volcano is going off - and the sugar cane burning that happens most of the year, Maui can be tough for people with asthma, allergies, and other breathing disorders.

Ok, yes, the other islands do get vog too, like the Big Island, which is where the vog starts! With Maui being so close to the Big Island, the vog comes here first before reaching the other islands. Actually a couple of years ago, the vog on the Big Island was so bad - the worst in decades - that many long-time residents moved away permanently. 

A voggy view of Big Beach - not just bad photography!
Well, we still love Maui - just not every day is crystal clear. 


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