Friday, February 10, 2012

Find the Chameleon Hiding in the Jacaranda Tree

I'm not the best at spotting lizards, but a friend of mine spotted this Jackson chameleon from several yards away. It looked like a small darker green leaf from a distance, in a sea of paler, brighter leaves.  In the same way that alligators in Florida often look like parts of tires floating in the swamp, or sea turtles in the ocean look like darker rounded bumps in the water, chameleons also don't look like chameleons when they are in plain sight. They look like darker leaves.  

This chameleon was high up in a tree, and it took me quite a while to see it. 

Can you spot the hidden Jackson chameleon?
From a distance, this is kind of what the chameleon looks like,
a dark green leaf. 

The same chameleon in a jacaranda tree.

Eventually the chameleon climbed down the tree, closer to us.
"I am not a green leaf!" 

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