Monday, February 6, 2012

Ho'oponopono Nontraditional Hawaiian Ceremony that Can be Done Alone, and Request for Healing

My mom is in the hospital. It's a long story and I may share that later.

I am requesting two healings, one on behalf of my mother, and one on behalf of Maui, and am also including an embedded link to a ho'oponopono healing ceremony that can be done all by oneself. 

Traditionally, ho'oponopono, a Hawaiian healing and forgiveness ceremony takes many hours or longer, and involves all the injured or affected individuals/families. This is difficult to coordinate in modern life, so the version I have which has been passed around the world for years, is a nontraditional, alternative version which is greatly simplified. It may offend some native Hawaiians, sorry, but I have found it to be a truly helpful and beautiful ceremony for forgiveness and healing in my own life. I will be doing this ceremony for my relationship with my mother, and for her healing.

Picture taken of my mother, Carol M. Rice, as a baby, 
being held by her mother Mildred.

1. Please visualize or send healing energy to Carol M. Rice at Tripler Hospital on Oahu. Especially healing of her lungs, after 55+ years of smoking 2-3 packs a day. Lungs in Chinese medicine I think are associated with giving and receiving, and I think my mom had issues with both. In the book, The Intention Experiment, the author asserts that you can send healing to the distant past as well. So, perhaps the healing will go to her as a baby as well as an adult. 11 or more seconds of healing would be great!  I would love her to be well enough to move to skilled nursing on Maui, but I also trust her journey to take her wherever she needs to be. 

2. Please visualize healing for Maui especially in areas concerning sugar cane burning, adopting a sustainable Maui General Island Plan, and sustainability overall for the island. Please see us humans making things "pono" or right with the island. 11 or more seconds of healing would be great!  Getting politically involved is also recommended!

3. Ho'oponopono - This ceremony as mentioned can be done alone, or with a group of people. There are declarations of things each person can write and should write ahead of time, of things to release or things to manifest. Two separate lists. Please use the format in the document and read the directions first. We prefer to say and speak the typos as they are written. Some people feel that is very important. But do what is best for you, and for what feels right in your heart. 

I had some debate about whether or not to even make this information public, but maybe 2012 is a good year for sharing knowledge like this. Aloha to everyone!

Hooponopono Ceremony for an Individual

Update 2/13/12: My mom did pass away, but all your healing thoughts and prayers were most appreciated! Feel free to continue sending her light. 

Update 2/16/12: I found out that the person who "channeled" or developed this version of ho'oponopono is Morna Simeona, who was a kahuna and healer. The person who gave me this copy of ho'oponopono recommended that I mention her name and check in with Morna to see if it was okay to share this version online. Since Morna has passed away, I am open to any feedback from her students or friends regarding whether there are concerns with sharing this ceremony. 

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  1. Hooponopono by definition means "to make right" it could be a long ritualistic process or it could be as simple as an apology, as long as it restored balance and goodness again. So while what youre doing may not really look Hawaiian on the outside, I think your core desire and intention is hooponopono in it's truest form. All the best to your mother in her healing process and to Maui's future!


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