Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ice Cream Bananas and Banana Stains

Ice cream bananas still on the tree.

Ice cream bananas are small, plump bananas which are very soft and creamy, like ice cream. While apple bananas are about the same size as ice cream bananas, apple bananas are much firmer and stay ripe much longer. Ice cream bananas are delicate and bruise easily.  If you can't eat them quickly enough, give them to friends, or peel and freeze them to use for smoothies. 
A peeled ice cream banana with very soft fibers. 
A trio of ice cream bananas, freshly yanked off the tree.

When you are pulling off bananas, which is not generally recommended, be careful to not let the sap get on your clothes. It's sticky and can stain your clothes brown. It won't come out, even with bleach. Or at least I've not had any luck getting out these stains. It can also stain table tops and wood, plastic bags, and counters.  It's also very sticky, and takes some scrubbing to remove dried banana sap from plates or bowls. 

It's generally better to cut off the bananas, again trying to avoid the banana sap. The sap is supposedly beneficial too - herbalist David Bruce Leonard collects banana sap to use for colds. It tastes terrible, so it must be good for you!

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