Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Maui Open Studios 2012: Ed Lane

Ed Lane's Wailea art studio

I really enjoyed visiting Ed Lane's studio during Maui Open Studios, Weekend 1.  His studio is in his Wailea house, and looks like an artist's dream studio, with plenty of light, brushes, paints, and areas for play. 
Creative cacaphony

Ed Lane likes chickens, and there's an inspiration board in the background. 

Another work table, and more pictures above the doors. 

The most difficult part of getting to Ed Lane's studio was getting through the security gate for his neighborhood. The gate code in the Maui Open Studios book didn't work, and we had to call several times to be buzzed through. The playful mess of Ed Lane's studio contrasted with the neatness of the rest of the house. 
Colorful paintings in the living room. 

More Ed Lane paintings
The outdoor area before the front door, filled with paper lanterns and Christmas ornaments. 
Water fountain with taro plants.
One of my favorite pictures is below. I would have added a paintbrush as a prop. 

Ed Lane's artist cat hard at work. 

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