Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Maui Open Studios 2012: Tim and Vicky Robinson

Puka Shell photography by Tim Robinson displayed at the Robinsons' Open Studio.
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The last artists DH and I visited at Maui Open Studios 2012 event were the Robinsons. We only visited three artists this year, and only during the first weekend of February, featuring Kihei and Lahaina artists.  Time was extremely limited so I picked three artists that I found most intriguing out of the guidebook. Last year, DH and I visited about 12 artists in Haiku and were pretty tired, plus I had visited another 12 artists in Kula and Makawao.  There are a lot of different ways to do the Open Studios event - one can try to do every interesting studio, and it becomes a day-long excursion, or one can simply be very discriminating and pick only a few studios to visit but spend a longer time at each one. 

The Robinsons had a beautiful and soothing home in Wailea. I was impressed not just with the artwork, but also the arrangement of decorative items. 

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A bird sculpture display in the Robinsons' living room. 

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Vicky Robinson's painted silk tops and sumi-e paintings.

Vicky Robinson's brushwork and silk clothing.

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A row of mangoes at the Robinsons' Open Studio. 

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Mangoes below Vicky Robinson's Chinese brushwork (sumi-e) painting. 

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Orchids on a glass table top.

Tim and Vicky Robinson listening to DH telling a funny story. 

A water scene by Vicky Robinson.

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Another arrangement of bird sculptures. 

Tim Robinson and some of his orchid photographs in the background.

A green sumi-e painting by Vicky Robinson. 


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