Saturday, February 18, 2012

Source Maui 2012 Schedule

Source Maui has been a pretty rainy event so far. Truth be told, we did not camp. I'm sure we're missing out on tons of fun activities, but we're not soaked or soggy.  DH has dubbed this event, "Soggy Man" as opposed to "Burning Man" which is the inspiration event for Source Maui. I did take a look at the schedule for this weekend, and we'll have to miss much of the event given what's going on in my life, but some fun is better than none.  There are hippies, creative costumes, muddy feet, soggy parking lot attendants, constant threats of having one's car towed if it's parked along the highway, a shuttle manager who quit, stand-in shuttle drivers, and a dancing kitchen crew. 

Source Maui 2012 Schedule Source Maui 2012 Womb Room Schedule


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