Sunday, February 19, 2012

Source Maui "Soggy Man" Womb Room and Art Gallery

I had always been curious about the Womb Room at Source Maui ever since I donated yards of metallic pink fabric and pillows to the Source volunteers a few years ago. I knew it was supposed to be a plush, cushy healing room. 

The entrance is shaped like a woman's sexual parts, the ones that all of us crawl out of as we're born. So to enter the Womb Room, one has to crawl past the labial lips. Thankfully, they didn't make a literal birth canal tunnel. 

Entrance to Source Maui womb room, shaped like a ..
well, you can figure it out. 

Inside the womb room, decorated in reds and pinks, and with creative wall decorations. 

The room is cozy, full of pillows and soft areas. Very feminine. It's a place to hang out, when there's too much music blasting outside. Some healers offer signups for tarot readings, laser treatments, or cranio sacral therapy, but the signups are only for a few slots each session, and they are not all listed in advance. Yoga and group healing/body work sessions also are scheduled here.  It can be a bit stuffy in here, since there's no fan or ventilation. For some, this is very comforting, and others will feel claustrophobic.  There is also a DJ playing music, and it's not loud music, but it's not exactly soothing. The music selection depends on who the DJ is and how stoned he/she is. 

A fuzzy woman's womb entrance parts. A female anatomy "softie"
(soft stuffed animal).

The ceiling of the womb room.

Massage and healing at the womb room.

Outside the womb room is the rest of the gym with the art gallery/museum/speaking area. It's one of the first buildings as you enter the YMCA camp. 

Big screen of the Franklins' speaker schedule, like a mini TED event. 

The Source art gallery is full of paintings and sculpture, with a strong hippie ambience. I only took a few pictures of things that I was particularly intrigued with. This room does have electricity, so laptop users were able to recharge batteries here. Cell phone signals are non existent throughout the camp site, although I suppose a few folks did have cell or internet access. 

3D art and sculpture in the art gallery (gym) outside the womb room.

Mavis Mueller's photo displace of Source Maui baskets,

Same baskets being burned. 

Basket work by Mavis Mueller at Source Maui.

A "Travel Light" basket/container by Mavis Mueller. 

Glass pyramid, part of a larger whimsical 3D Sculpture. 

Fantasy world - 3D sculpture at Source Maui Art Gallery.

Close up of Glass baubles. 

The fantasy world from a distance. 

Had a great talk with Casey or KC of about his digital visual mapping project. With his tablet, one could manipulate the four corners of the "image" or "map" separately. Moving a corner too far on the screen resulted in the image flipping to the other side of the ceiling. While we were there, he mentioned that someone named Gabriel Josh or Josh Gabriel left his wallet with ID at his mapping table, and he was going to announce it to the Source coordinators. 


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