Sunday, March 18, 2012

Baby Gecko on a Rice Paddle

Baby geckos are everywhere in a Maui jungalow, hiding underneath papers, crawling along rugs, jumping out from flowers or knickknacks, pretending to be gecko sculptures when the cat is nearby.  They pop up in very odd places, at unexpected moments, and so I try to be careful not to step on them or put something on top of them. They are only slightly bigger than pennies, and cute as Japanese cartoon characters. Not just Hello Kitty, but Hello Gecko!  What the heck are you doing there? 

Would anyone like an extra serving of um, gecko, or sticky rice?
By the way, rice is a very common food in Hawaii. The popular rice is white, but I like to sneak in brown rice for dinner whenever I can. Most people cook with a rice cooker, which keeps the rice warm too. It's sticky rice, not the enriched long-grain kind that most people eat on the mainland (continental America). Locals pejoratively call the enriched non-sticky rice, Uncle Ben's rice.  

A baby gecko checking out the rice paddle.


Let's get the gecko out of the kitchen. It's time to clean up!

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