Monday, March 19, 2012

Lumeria Maui, the mini Lemuria

Group yoga at Lumeria Maui promoted by Lululemon in Paia. 
Lumeria Maui is like the swanky new yoga kid on the block, the one who wears fair trade designer yoga clothes made in rural villages using sustainably-resourced natural fibers. The lithe yoga kid with the work-out butt who gracefully slides into each yoga pose without any wobbling or hesitation, extending all limbs to the fullest while exuding an aura of meditative lotus-eyed, chakra-thumping bliss: down dog, upward dog, upside down dog, hot dog (Bikram style yoga) and dog gone wild. I made up most of those poses. My signature asana would be "Doggone it... I just kinked something."  Lumeria is like the new yoga babe (or yoga studmuffin) that makes the rest of us a bit green-eyed, or starry-eyed. 

In short, Lumeria Maui is NOT a redneck yoga studio or retreat center. It has obviously researched the Maui seeker's market and tailored itself as a classy, stylin' joint, and will likely have many devotees to its classes, lodging, meditations, and workshops.  Lululemon organized a free public yoga class that was well-attended on Sunday afternoon. Some yoginis were ready to move - or levitate - permanently to Lumeria afterwards. But we all got evicted quite promptly at 7 pm. Maui time is not Lumeria time. 

The owner mentioned that the renovation took two and a half years, and there was an incredible amount of dry rot. One would never guess what a mess it was before, especially since there are no before and after pictures on display in the lobby.  The lobby or main sitting room was awash in glowing light from huge Moroccan style lanterns and mammoth geode crystals promising alternative realities. It was not country cozy, but upscale-suave sophisticated, like a spirit seeker's art gallery. The art is worth seeing, including the chakra version of Christ painting.  I forgot to ask how Lumeria got its name - it sounds luminous, and it's also a word-play on Lemuria, that Pacific continental counterpart to Atlantis, and where the Hawaiian islands are now located. Kauai folks always claim that their island was the tip of Lemuria. 

In the cafe, there was a line up for the Lumeria glow cleanse, a specialty warm broth served in a hot water dispenser. The broth was quite yummy and savory, like a liquid slice of artisan baked pizza. One can sign up for a regular fix of their signature broth. 

Glow on, go on, check it out. There are many classes, meditations and workshops being offered at Lemuria, I mean oops, Lumeria Maui.  Anne Gachuhi is even offering home gardening (aka plant yoga) classes there on Mondays! 


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