Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mini Pineapple and Miniature Fruits

Miniature pineapple next to a normal-sized apple. 

We've had one good day of sunshine today and now it's raining again this afternoon. These miniature fruit pictures are cheerful and are part of the bounty from all this rain and lush greenery - mini pineapples that would be full size if they had richer soil and weren't in pots (and if I gave them more fertilizer). Mini mangoes found along a roadside, and mini avocados from the strange avocado tree in the yard that produces both normal sized avocados and teeny tiny finger-sized fruits.

Mini pineapple in a bowl with normal-sized lilikoi (passion fruit).

Miniature mangoes, edible.

Miniature Puerto Rican style avocado, thin-skinned. 

Tiny avocados surrounding a cut lime. 

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