Friday, March 16, 2012

Papaya, Lilikoi and Starfruit Breakfast

Papayas are easily available throughout Hawaii.
The best selection is at a farmer's market, or you can grow them yourself.

Sometimes papayas are not always as ripe or tasty as they should be, even the ones at the farmer's market. In case you get a papaya that doesn't taste as sweet as it could, one easy fix is to get a lilikoi or passion fruit and scoop some of the lilikoi pulp over the papaya. It adds a lot of sweetness and zing to the papaya.  By the way, any papayas that are labeled "rainbow papayas" are genetically modified. They are commonly available at both farmer's markets and grocery stores. 

Lilikoi or passionfruit, cut in half. It looks kind of awful, but the pulp is sweet and tart. Scoop it out and swallow the orange pulp with the seeds.  No need to chew the seeds.
The greener the lilikoi, the more tart it will be, so pucker up. 

It doesn't look pretty, but the flavor of lilikoi pulp over a papaya is wonderful. 

Lilikoi pulp is also great over starfruit.
If you don't like dealing with lilikoi seeds, you can squeeze the pulp and pour the juice over your fruit instead. 

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