Friday, March 23, 2012

Please don't drink me!

I'm just a baby gecko. Please don't drink me!

Seriously,  baby geckos are everywhere in a Maui Jungalow  - this gecko was in my glass the other day. I was about to pour a drink into the glass and luckily looked down in time.  I watched the baby gecko scramble around the walls of the cup. Then an aha moment. Maybe the gecko fell in and couldn't get out since the sides are so steep. This is the gecko version of "I've fallen and I can't get up! (out!)"  Sure enough, I turned the glass sideways and out scurried the baby gecko. 

But, sadly another gecko or perhaps the same one fell into the soup pot while I was making dinner. It wasn't even hot, just warm. Floating on the surface, the gecko had a couple of spasms and then passed out.  I think the gecko died. I did not take a photo, but scooped up the baby gecko, and took it to the lanai (the deck outside) in case he/she recovers. Okay, I'm mixing grammar - is a gecko an "it," a "him" or a "her"?  Mostly geckos to me are like little four footed people. But they fall into everything! 


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