Saturday, March 17, 2012

Where Fighting Chickens Live

Fighting chicken houses made from plastic barrels.

Yes, cock fighting exists on Maui. I'm not privy to where the chickens fight or when the fights take place,  or even who to ask, but that's okay with me. It's okay that some things are not well-publicized. Cock fighting is a Filipino cultural curiosity, to those of us who are not Filipino.  With all the ethnic groups that live on Maui, there are bound to be some cultural practices that others of us just don't relate to. 

So I don't know anything about cock fighting, but I do know where some of those fighting chickens live, because the houses are individually built for each chicken, or maybe each rooster. No kidding, I don't know whether they fight the roosters or the hens, but my bet would be on the roosters.  

Chicken houses occasionally dot the Maui landscape, and since they are not that common and a bit strange, I find them kind of interesting. 

Outside Makawao, teepees for fighting chickens.
They are not there year-round.
Numerous individual wire houses for fighting chickens.

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