Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ali Kat's Get Raw Grand Opening

Updated 7/31/12: Saw Ali Kat recently and the raw food cafe is closed now - the owners of the building sold it. She is working on another raw food outlet.

Maui hasn't had a raw food restaurant ever since the one in Paia closed, more than a few years ago. It was run/managed by Jeremy Saffron and Renee Loux Underkoffler.  Considering how many raw foodists live on Maui, like 1 out of 10 people, or more if you stick to the North Shore and upcountry, it's been a sorry situation.  Who really knows how many raw foodists live on Maui?  It's not something the Census keeps track of, since raw foodists don't hold still enough to count them, but it's a significant number.   

Ali Kat and raw co-conspirator whipping up
smoothies and entrees to a hungry crowd. 

Raw food chef Ali Kat has just remedied that gaping hole in the stomachs of local raw foodists by opening a raw restaurant in Pukalani, inside the front half of the Local Mocha Cafe.  A sushi bar with local food items is in the back half of the cafe. It's a great situation for a mixed group of people, since everyone has food options. 
These pics were taken by me, but other pics
available at Moriah Diamond's photography site.  

The grand opening was jam-packed with a long line and lots of Maui "cultural creatives" hanging out to enjoy raw food and live music. By the time I stopped by, it was standing room only since all the tables were full. Ali Kat and her kitchen crew were slaving away at smoothies and raw food entrees. 

Raw apple tart, anyone?

Get Raw owes some inspiration to Cafe Gratitude, with its heart-themed art and "I am" affirmations. I'll have to "Get Raw" again when there's a place to sit. 

"I AM inspired menu"


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